The Story

Design inspired by the soundtrack of a misspent youth.

Growing up heavily engrossed in all things punk has definitely influenced my design career. From the passion and politics of the music to the gritty boundary pushing aesthetics and imagery, I was all in and still am. Today, I am grateful to have designed records for some of my favorite bands and forward that punk rock passion to some design projects outside of the punk scene. From branding to package design I try to keep the ideals of my youth intact while continuing to explore a career and craft that I truly love.

Counterculture Craft

An inVESTment in sanity.

Logging long hours on the computer can really burn a designer out. As a way to recharge the mind and soul while upgrading my wardrobe, I created this studded vest. (The studded vest has been a staple of my daily ensemble since I was a teenager's awesome.) All studs were placed one at a time with a screwdriver. The patches and liner were sewn by hand with a needle and thread. DIY or DIE!(Slide the widget bar back and forth to view each side)









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